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End-to-end recording + transcription

For an affordable price - less than you'd expect - combine recording and transcription with our flagship End-to-End service. We bring expert recording and logging to you at your location to ensure complete, excellent quality audio and verifiably high quality transcription with all speaker details, timings, and special terms reliably captured. Transcript turnaround time can be as quick as one day, and never more than one week.

Perfect for: Formal proceedings, conferences, seminars, and workshops

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End-to-end recording and transcription services

Transcription services

Just transcription or just recording

Truly exceptional transcription: Two Main provides intelligent, meticulous transcription services at competitive prices. Standard turnaround time is just one week, and you can upload your files conveniently here on our site. Express services are always available.

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Flexible recording options: If you need technical assistance capturing a speech, presentation, or other live audio event for the record but aren't certain you need the full transcript, we can help. Two Main can record high quality audio at your location for attractive hourly or capped day rates.

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PA, video and more extras

PA services: Larger events may require amplification. For most venues we can supply PA services suited to 20-50 participants. Alternatively, we can co-ordinate with or manage third party PA services to ensure both good sound at the event and excellent quality on the recording.

Video: Video capture to a stationary tripod-mounted HD wide angle camera can be booked along with your recording or end-to-end services.

Document formatting: Time-coding, line numbering, branding and other straightforward formatting specifications available at no extra charge.

Other document services: Executive summaries and meeting minutes based on your recording are also available.

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